Trading under HoTech
for interim management, consulting and coaching.

Hotech can be deployed in interim management processes to support the development of your business, increase efficiency and make risks transparent and manageable. The available knowledge and experience often leads to inventive solutions, results and client satisfaction.
The plan is always tailored to the client and established in mutual consent. As always with a sharp look to the tco. For instance, when standard is chosen for (again) new expensive custom software, often a simple adaptation of the existing business structures proves to be a more profitable way.

HoTech is also familiar with own products and services.

For own risk and expense various activities, products and services are developed in recent decades. From 1985, this trade name is used in product development and marketing rights.
Below are some examples.


Trading company in (EU and Dutch certified) electric scooters en electric bikes with direct import from China.

R/O Watermaker

This popular DIY-solution to produce substantial quantities potable water from seawater is used daily by many.


Publisher of books and travel guides and booking office (nautical) event management.

HoTech HiFi

Design and production of loudspeakers with cutting edge design and high-end audio.


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